Review of a Manifestation Book by "Jack Greenwood"

I recently finished reading a book called "The ultimate power for manifesting all of your wishes."

It's a long title and it seems like an exaggeration too but I only bought it second hand for $20 so I thought it would at least be an interesting read. I was surprised to find that this book shed a lot of light on this the topic of manifestation and the law of attraction. I had already seen movies such as "the secret" of course and read quite a few books on this but this book was the first that put together the major pieces.

He explains concepts like "compression" and how it is enhances manifestation. "Compression" is like having a highly concentrated form of something so the more you have of it the more potent it is. He then goes on to explain how to achieve this compression.

Another concept that he reveals which I'd never heard of before is the use of the power of the legs for manifestation. He explains that the legs acts as a transmitter for compressed energy. He then explains how to do this.

What impresses me the most about this book is that everything is explained clearly and precisely. With manifestation and the law of attraction it always seemed as if people were talking about what they'd done with it but the details of how to do it were glossed over. It always came down to "imagine that you already have it." This book is kind of like reading a book on how to do pushups. It's that practical and simple.

The question most of you will be asking now is "so what have you managed to manifest?"

Well so far, I've managed to manifest a successful start up of a new business as well as a new car. There was work involved of course but amazingly these came to me very easily. I'm glad to have finally found a manifestation technique that works terrifically. Would I recommend this book? Without a doubt.


Magitek said...

Hi, where did you get the second hand book from? Is it the same book being sold here ?

Is it a physical book or ebook because if tere is a physical book I would prefer that :)


Simone said...

Sounds like the same one. Doesn't look like they have a physical book anymore though.

Tamzin said...

Hey Simone, I just bought this after your review and it's incredible! This is the first time that manifestation makes sense to me. Wow, just wow.

Nagendra said...

Hi Simone,

Finished reading the book. Practicing the technique. Any updates on the new manifestations?


gxc888 said...
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gxc888 said...

Hi, where can I buy this ebook? Thank you!